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TSA Pre Check & Obamacare

Greetings, I've been doing a lot of road travel lately...the sort where I hit 3 different cities in a day and do it 3 days in a row.  This means one thing...lots of airports...and security lines.  Now about a year ago I joined the Global entry program from Homeland security.  It was quite a process, an on-line questionnaire that took hours to complete.  That was followed by an interview with a Homeland security the FBI background check, finger printing and let's not forget the fee...which if I remember correctly, was a $100.  Now the reason I did this was because I have clients who are outside the borders of the US.  This process allows me to avoid the incredibly long lines at passport control on returning to home.  This was also going to allow me to go through the TSA Pre check lines.  These lines are dedicated lines for pre approved frequent is suppossed to be the same sort of thing as Global Entry.  It was pretty good deal for the pre approved frequent flier who paid the 100 bucks.  So the other day I'm at my home airport, Bradley Field which serves Hartford,  there are 5 security lines plus the  TSA Pre Check line.  The longest line?  TSA Pre Check....How?  I have no idea how, except the 2 people in front of me were a Mom and her 13 year old daughter and the daughter was all excited to be taking her first plane trip.  I don't want to sound like a crumudgeon here, but how does a 13 year old who has never flown get to be a trusted traveller?  And for free?  The couple in front of them were an elderly couple headed to Florida for the next month...they too were not frequent fliers, were not members of frequent fliers, had not gone through a rigorous interview and background check by the FBI and had not paid the money to get this "speedy" pass through security.  This entire process while originally a good idea had morphed into something entirely different... 

Three hours later while leaving the airport in Chicago it hit me that the TSA PreCheck program was a cousin of Obamacare!!  One group pays and the other group doesn't...








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