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Well, first of all thank you for visiting the web site for CCI Performance Group, LLC and clicking on The Rainman Invitational page. What exactly is the Rainman Invitational?

It is a golf tournament. But not just any golf tournament. It is a tournament that is wrapped around a charity each year, and each year the charity changes. There is, however, a common theme to these charities. Every charity revolves around kids.

You see, a few years back I entered a “semi-retirement “ mode in my career. So, having time I invited a group of friends from my corporate live to spend a few days in Connecticut playing golf, laughing, telling stories, a.k.a. lies, and generally having a good time. While at dinner on the final night of the fun, one of the attendees, Bill McClure, said that we should make it an annual event and that we should do more than have just fun. So with that challenge The Rainman Invitational was born. It would be an invitational where the attendees each year would support a different charity.

Because Bill was the person to come up with the challenge, he chose the first charity we supported. It was JDRF. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation was a great charity selection because of its reputation and especially because of its focus on a disease that affects kids. Bill being the endorser of the charity became the Co-Chair of the event. The following year after a great day on the course, over $ 13,000 was Fedexed to JDRF.

The next few years saw Gordon Ford Co-chair CCRF, Chrohn’s Colitis Foundation of America, the Georgia Chapter, Ned Lipes Co-chair Special Operations Warrior Foundation and in 2011 Rick Minero Co-Chaired the tournament that dedicated its focus to Tomorrow’s Children.

To date the tournament has grown from 11 guys on a Tuesday afternoon in September to 43 players, men and women, from places as far away as Marlow, England. After 4 years, over $ 85,000 has been raised for these charities.

In 2012, the Co-chairman will be Eric Suchecki. Eric has selected the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. This group is dedicated to research to finding a solution to infants who are born with brain tumors. It will be a worthy cause .

Each year the number of players grows, hence the donation to the charity grows as well. Last year, with 43 players, over $33,000 was raised for Tomorrow’s Children. Pretty cool. Our target for 2012? 72 players and over $50,000. This will go a long way to helping find answers for this heinous disease.

If you have time....and want to participate send me an email through this website. I will put you on the contact list. This website will also have information as we format the 2012 event.

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