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Leadership vs innovation

Recently I attended the NASS (North American Spine Society) meeting in Chicago. Like most industry attendees, I felt the meeting was lacking to say the least. As I have read summations regarding this meeting, the consistent theme seems to be; there "was nothing new and there is no innovation in the spine marketplace now." Why is this?
Well my answer is that part of it falls on the shoulders of the leadership of the companies in the industry and another part of the "blame" falls onto the shoulders of the sales teams in the industry. (I will talk about this group in the near future, but not today.)

The part that falls on the leadership teams is not what you might think. It is not because companies have not gone out and invested in new technologies, (at least in my eyes), because many of the company's investments are either improved technologies or new but not generally accepted yet. Not every acquisition or product improvement is going to result in the next hot new technology.

Where this leadership void exists is that there appears to be little vision at the top. Take this for example, turn the clock back a few years. You had leaders who made declarative statements on where the company was and where it was going to go. Think about it...John Brown, Stryker, 'We will grow 20% every year'. Dane Miller, Biomet, 'We will be the company where surgeons want special attention and customized solutions for their orthopedic needs'. Ray Elliott, Zimmer, 'We will change the way surgery is done and move orthopedics to minimally invasive techniques'.

Now whether you liked or agreed with any of these tenants or individuals, these LEADERS moved entire organizations to the goals we now know as The Good Old Days. They told the street where they were going, not the other way around.

Today we hear no such statements. It used to be that one statement every CEO made about his/her organization was the value of the people in the company. We hear little of that today. What we hear is; Stryker will layoff 1,000 people and Medtronic will trim another 1.23 Billion over the next few years, this after reaching their target of reducing costs 1 Billion dollars recently. We don't hear about investments in talent (people), we don't hear about the people in a company making the difference. We do actually, but not from any of the bigger orthopedic / spine companies.

I think that when we begin to hear about investments in talent, in people, in personnel AND personal development we will once again return to The Good Old Days and see plenty of innovation.
That's it for today, I need another cup of coffee.



First blog ever

So this is my first blog ever. It is the result of several people influencing me ( i.e. pushing ) me into the 22nd century. The push started with my friends Drue and Josh.
Drue is a seasoned veteran of the orthopedic industry, has his own search firm and Josh is a key player within Drue’s organization. Seven years ago when I started CCI Performance Group, they encouraged (pushed ) me into thinking about a web page. OK, so I wasn’t the fastest to adopt this, however, in December 2009, while recuperating from ankle surgery I found a site where I could create a webpage. After a week of hard work, numerous WTF’s!! I finally had a page. With great anticipation I called Drue and told him the news, I was on the web. He visited the site, was impressed that I made this huge effort and then challenged me to make it more professional. He probably would have told me “It sucks” but Drue doesn‘t use phrases like that. Josh was more supportive, he said he liked the picture of Wrigley.

So, here we are 2 years later, I told you I don’t move fast with this technology thing. The web site is new and improved; just like laundry detergent. It will hopefully continue to allow folks to find out about CCI Performance Group and with the added feature of this blog, allow me to spout off about, I mean participate in great debates. (Still struggling with the proper terminology). Count on this though, it will be random observations, opinion on issues affecting my industry, observations of my two morale officers (Wrigley and Murphy, yes the pictures are staying...thanks Josh) and basically what ever thoughts run through this brain of mine. It could be an interesting journey. For now, that’s it. Enjoy the day,


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